I agree that removing a president is different than admitting he committed a crime. However, let’s not pretend the issue here that the issue with removing the president is that the impeachment was partisan. The impeachment vote happened because republican congressmen are morally bankrupt and power-hungry. I would have been fine if nobody on either side of the aisle voted for removal, but to see 100% of republicans vote against impeachment was a disgrace. He abused his power. You know it, and so do we. Now we live in a world where people would claim his removal a coup d’etat because that’s exactly what Devin Nunes and his colleagues claimed when they lied and peddled conspiracy theories on Fox—the party’s primary medium for spreading propaganda. The least you could do is allow the witnesses to speak, not because it would affect the outcome of the trial, but because it would allow the truth to be heard on record. But, of course, the truth does not matter to you and your colleagues anymore. We might as well stop having elections or representatives and just have computers automatically vote for us based on party affiliation at this point since nobody will step up and do their duty.


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